Free Q and A: Astrology​ Related Questions Answered

Ask me a free Astrology question, complicated or simple and I will answer. If it is about charts, and aspects please share your Chart image. Thanks!

Ask me any Astrology related question; simple or complicated I will answer in a quick fashion.

5 thoughts on “Free Q and A: Astrology​ Related Questions Answered

  1. Hello!
    My name is Elen. My birthday is 5/11/1984, 05:05am in Athens,Greece. I have relationship with George. His birthday is 22/2/1980, 08:20am in Athens,Greece.
    Do you see that we will live together with my partner in the same house in 2017 or 2018?
    What development will our relationship have in the future? Marriagqe, pregnancy or separation?
    Thank you


  2. What things does Neptune in a forensic astrology tell a person? Thanks Tracy

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    1. Good question. The short answer is Neptune can show us where there is dishonesty, delusion, mystery, confusion or drugs and alcohol. The house Neptune lands in can show us a lot, for example finding Neptune in the 4th house might show drug abuse in the home or father of a missing child, it could show dishonesty as well. In the tenth house it may show dishonesty or drug abuse on part of the mother. The 7th the spouse or open enemy. Neptune rules a lot of things. Abnormal behaviors, covert alliances, amphetamine, angels, poison, betrayal. I could list so many things. If there is a specific chart youre curious about please post it. I would love to look.


      1. I have the chart I just have no idea how to upload it here?

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