Forensic Readings

All Forensic Readings are free. To request a reading please email, message or fill out the contact form. I will be happy to help.


The Astrology of Toni Anderson


Jessica Runions, a Horary Reading


Astrology of Amanda Stavick


Jessica Runions Solar Arc Reading



  1. I’m just curious as to what a forensic reading is…


  2. I’m just curious as to what a forensic reading is… Looks interesting. Would you mind please?


  3. Sometimes I will read Horary charts, some times event/solar Arc/and natal


  4. To be intuitive and medium type not really sure to how I came to relate to these,but gifts I was born with I’m not sure .since recently I draw,not sure how,since I don’t know how to draw,and at times u/k times I call higher power appointments. I can be in front of this person to whom I believe is a divine appointment or still Im not sure to what’s really happening and talking,and just being in there presence. I draw. I can’t believe that I draw what I draw and how accurate these are to this appointment at the time,it could be a message of danger,family,love and slot of drawing of clocks and people. The people are unique in appearance and some have passed away and just over whelming scary sometimes to my self and UN sure to what,why,or how iam doing this. Can you give me some insight to what’s really going on. Do I hear,see,draw and feel these things,almost accurately to the point of saving 2 lives before that bad something could of happened to I’m not really sure to what iam really trying to get at . But yes iam very intuitive. And gaslighted from most family members from child hood to present. I’ve recently Realized what’s really going on on 07/04/2022. In 2013 Ithe word REALIZE came into my mind,body,sport,soul and I wanted to basically put it on my forehead ( not really ) but I searched to help me help you kind of a thing u/k to that word I believe was for me and not what I set out for to help all to realize what was really going on so. Iam sorry if I sound a little crazy as I do at this point in time but today I can honestly say it loud and clear ,that I AM NOT CRAZY. BUT A LOVING,HELPFUL CHILD OF MY HIGHER POWER AND IAM GOING IN BABY STEPS ONE DAY AT A TIME. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOU AND IF YOU CAN TELL ME IF TO A LITTLE TO WHAT I MAY BE EXPERENCING THAT WOULD REALLY HELP ME TO MOVE FORWARD WITH MY LIFE. MY NEW LIFE THANK YOU AND THANKYOU FOR JESSICA ADAMS READING AS SHES A FRIEND AND MAYBE SOME TIME I CAN SHOW YOU SOME DRAWINGS ‘READINGINGS’ NOT SURE TO THE TITLE OF THEM BUT ALMOST PHYSIC OR MEDIUM TYPE THINGS I DONT REALLY KNOW PLEASE IF YOU CAN GIVE ME A SHORT TEXT BK ON WHAT YOU BELIEVE IS HAPPENING WITH TO WHAT IAM EXPERICING. I WOULD GREATLY APPRECIATE IT. MY NAME IS MINDY JIMENEZ MY BIRTH DATE IS 08/03/1967 I LIVE IN KENNEWICK WA BLESS YOU IN ALL YOU DO. THANK YOU


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