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Welcome! My name is Michelle, I am student of astrology. I spend my free time practicing forensic and Horary Astrology in regards to missing or murdered people as well as personal readings. For the sake Of science I enjoy trying different methods of reading at the same time in some cases. When I am not doing personal, and forensic readings I enjoy looking at eclipse charts, and testing asteroids with astrocartography charts. Forensic and classic astrology are my favorite, Asteroid Astrology is interesting to me. I have been dabbling in that alot lately. If someone you love is missing or has a cold case please ask for a free reading from me. If you would like a personal reading please visit my website,

The House Wars of Astrology

Originally posted on Anthony Louis – Astrology & Tarot Blog:
Recently I watched a video on astrological domification posted by Deborah Houlding, whose work I have…