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Hello! My name is Michelle Arnott and I live in the beautiful pacific northwest in Washington state. I have been learning astrology since I was 13 years old. That is when I picked up my first astrology book, drew up my own natal chart and fell down a rabbit hole. Now I am 41 years old and I still love astrology. Nothing brings me more joy than reading a chart and helping out other people.

Although I have many people who come to me for astrological assistance I have been practicing tarot even longer than astrology. I got my first deck of fortune telling cards at about 4 years old. Obviously I was not able to read the little book they came with, I was four and the book was in Korean. My father brought me the deck from Korea which was where he was stationed during that time while he was serving in the military. I played with it as much as I could and he would tell me what the little book said. I was hooked!

I am currently learning to work with lenormand cards and doing readings by donation. If you have a need to know more about your life and would like to make a donation please contact me for a lenormand reading and we can get it done! I am a medium as well and do readings where I can communicate with the deceased. These are a minimum donation of 25 dollars.

I run a fairly busy Facebook page called death and astrology as well as one about forensic astrology and cartomancy. We often look at the charts of the deceased, missing and cold cases. If you have lost a loved one please join us at death and astrology or forensic astrology and tarot. I am very dedicated to working with missing persons and cold case murders FOR Free. Please reach out to me if you need any help with such a situation. I will try my best to help.


  1. Hello, my name is Tammy. I am associated (not friends) with a man I believe is responsible for murdering a local child many years ago. I somehow always end up being somehow associated with people like this. Would a reading or something help me to tell if my fear is real?


  2. Tammy do you have this man’s birth information and time, date, place of the murder?


  3. hello im wondering would it be difficult to look into the west memphis three murders of may 5th 1993 since there were three boys in arkansas


  4. Hi

    I would like for you to review this map, which I believe Sky Metawala is located. I’ll pay you one hundred dollars for your opinion, please.


    my email address is tiger_rodrigu1966@yahoo.com – just let me know where to send you the money money order or cash.

    I plan to travel there myself, in hopes to find Sky Metawala.

    I KNOW his parents murdered him. Though Julia was not able to follow through – Solomon did. Solomon also has moved Sky’s remains a few times (Bridleveil is one location).


    Irene Rodriguez


  5. Hi my name is Jana and I’ve been studying astrology about 10 years. But I can’t seem to figure out 2 missing girls last seen charts. I don’t want to be wrong and I’ve been working on this for countless hours. I was an advocate for my city La Crosse WI for missing persons but these 2 cases I’m referring about are close to my heart. Maybe that’s why I’m not so confident in the reading. Please please help me and the family of the girls.

    DOB: 04/27/1990
    Missing: 07/29/2005 @2:30pm LaCrosse WI

    DOB: 07/28/1985
    Missing: midnight 09/27/2022

    Madeline was my son’s best friends sister whom I took into my home quite often when her mom would abuse her. I love madeline like a little sister and i vowed to her dad id find out what happemed to her. So for 18 years ive been searching. Jennifer is a very close friend of a friend i grew up with. I told her id try to do this horary last seen chart and i dont want to give up. Jen is a very kind beautiful soul and her disappearance is troubling alot of loved ones.
    Our community has alot of people go missing and for some reason we never hear of it. Please please help us


    • I will take a look at this asap. Thanks for advocating for the missing


      • Any luck yet? I’m just a little anxious. I was also wondering if you could suggest any books that could teach me how to do a missing person last seen chart? I think it would be really helpful to me for locating people who are missing. Please and thank you!

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      • I have had unexpected company for two days in a row 😔 and I have not taken a peek at the situations yet but I am getting anxious to take a look at this as soon as possible. I wrote a blog about six of my favorite books to use in Forensic Astrology but if you are ever interested in asking questions, need tips or have questions I’m always available to help you out for free. Just comment or email me anytime.


  6. Ok thank you so much. I totally understand life unexpected. When your done will you email me? And what happens next if the reading tells us what we need to know? Do I go to the police with your findings? This towns police force are very casual about the missing from our town. Not sure why but I have my thoughts anyway they haven’t proven to be much help. Like nit following up on leads etc. Anyway i won’t take more of your time. Enjoy your company and have a great weekend!

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