​South node AND North node connections in synastry????

This is a question I answered on Reddit. 


Is there a chance you can post the Chart? Personally, I am a visual person. I have heard that nodal contact implies that there are karmic connections involved in the relationship. Like whoever has the south node helps the North node person resolve issues in this life due to the experience gained in the South node person’s past life for example. The planets and nodal ruler’s condition should add more information. His sun being conjunct your North Node would imply there is a futuristic element to your relationship. So maybe you will always be friends, get married or grow old together. According to Celeste Teal you can help each other in the career department. The person with the North Node is a ray of sunshine for the other Celeste says try not to, “parent,” one another.

Read more of this awesome conversation by following the Link.

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