AA Neptune in the first house


According to your natal chart you are a born gifted astrologer. It is exciting that you are learning Astrology. I am reading your chart differently than others in hopes that seeing my own method of reading charts might make reading the themes that occur in astrology easier to read as you practice astrology. I am going to go through the reading and show you how I break my own readings down to the best of my abilities. If you have questions please talk to me any time about them. When I read a person’s chart I look for themes. The theme I chose to explain your reading is the Wizard of Oz. I chose this theme because of the heavy Neptune influence in this reading.

Step one:

When someone asks for a reading I need to know why. I can usually find out by looking at Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto. Where ever they are transiting in the chart, especially if they are transiting an angle that is the area the client likely needs advice. The energies of the outer planets are powerful and long-lasting. Often the themes that they bring into a person’s life will manifest for many years on many levels.

You are Concerned About: Self Awareness & Your Role in Relationships

Undefined Issues of Neptune


 Neptune Summary: A Blurred Ego

NOTES: Neptune in 1st house: Sense of abandonment and self pity. Loss of ego or erosion of self-image. Self esteem weakened. Neptune in first house opposite Jupiter: Deception underminenes spiritual and intellectual endeavors. Keep expectations realistic and stay organized. Beware of deceptive advertising, subsstance abuse, false promises and fanatical ideas. Grand plans and imaginings. Artistic interests and success. Projection of passiveness or confusion.  

Self Awareness & Relational Roles ~ Neptune

Your ascendant in Pisces shows me that you are sensitive to Neptune. At the time you asked for your reading Neptune was and still is in your first house. It will be there until about 2035.Neptune is a difficult planet. Especially for Scorpio heavy natives who need truth and hold it highly in their lives. Neptune is confusing it brings illusion, lies, deception, betrayal, idealism and addiction energies into play in a person’s life.

Neptune is going to mentally affect you, especially in regards to friendships or committed relationships.Relationships can really have an impact on your mental state and emotions at this time. Any such issues that arise are likely highlighting relationship issues stemming from your early home life and childhood that surround a parent. Neptune opposes your tenth house ruler, Jupiter, seated in the 7th house. It recently went direct removing the fog from your head and lifting the blinders off your eyes a little bit regarding issues of the self and how you fit into the roles you create for your self in your life and others’. It’s time to examine those roles and determine if they are working for you. You have to ask your self and learn to understand how the relationships of this tenth house parent impacted you and how you behave in relationships with this parent and others.

Things probably seem clearer than they have in months as of December 4th when Neptune came out of retrograde. This stark reality can be hard after living in Neptune’s soft world.  It can be depressing waking up from the Neptune dream state. On the other hand as a person with strong Scorpio chart you may find yourself glad to have hard facts and truth. Living in Neptune’s world can make someone like you feel like a captive or prisoner with no way out.

The influence is like the ever cliché horror movie scene where the character is running through the fun house. You have to escape Neptune’s fun house and all the smoke and mirrors leave you seeing no way out. Dorothy getting stuck in Oz is a good example of this theme at work in your own life and in her story. Oz was nothing more than her own personal hell that she created for her self. All along she had the power to return to her family in Kansas. She could not see a way though. At this time you likely don’t see a way out of your own person Oz.

With Neptune the answers we receive after a retrograde can bring more confusion or questions, but sadly lack in closure or sense due to the vagueness and mystery of Neptune. There are likely relationship issues that you are learning to deal with. You are realizing some of the causes of your inhibitions regarding relationships due to early childhood conditioning at this time. Which ever parent it is Neptune going direct might show them in a new or different light than you had previously seen them when you were younger. This new realization or perspective will help you find more authentic relationships for your self. It will help you learn to understand your self better and how you behave in relationships.

There a certain stories that tend to occur with Neptune blurring perspective. For example, maybe you have a memory or hear a story about your childhood regarding a parent. This memory makes you realize, “wow my mom/dad (was horrible, great, or fill in the blank).”, Causing you to see her/him for what she/he is. Hopefully by the time you have grown, learned and developed from Neptune you can see this parent as a human being who made mistakes.

Like Dorothy’s aunt Em, Maybe she tried her hardest to raise you with the ability and tools she was given. Like Dorothy maybe you are finally seeing this truth. Maybe she did inadvertently sour your idea of relationships and status. Another example is maybe you feel like you will not amount too much because she was uneducated so you are disadvantaged somehow. These dynamics are exactly how we create the dream worlds we live in and must eventually leave. You can’t live in Oz forever and you know this now as Neptune sits in your first house.

Maybe your mom for example, got married multiple times or had tumultuous relationship problems with various men. This possibly conditioned you to behave or view men/ relationships through a specific lens this parent gave you long ago as a small child. As this all comes to a close many years from now you will see the people in your life more clearly. Viewing the parent as she/he is more authentically. Instead of viewing her or him as an idealized version or childhood point of view of what you thought she/he was is the first step of the process.

Are you a good witch or a bad witch?

Neptune with Pythia


On the bright side Neptune is conjunct Pythia. You were born with Pythia in conjunction with your AC. Pythia gives us the gift of divination.You were born gifted and psychic. Currently Neptune transiting is conjunct your natal Pythia. If you use this energy right you can develop a gift most human beings have been denied. With focus in about 15 years this gift could become very powerful.

With Neptune here you will be forced to examine suppressed or subconscious issues and fears that aren’t defined easily.With Neptune and Pythia it is easy to turn to the comfort of numbing agents like drugs or alcohol. Please don’t forget that is exactly how a Pythia will typically die if they are careless around numbing agents. In no way do I mean to imply I see even a hint of death risk in your chart right now.

This is a time where you may feel or seem overly idealistic, gullible or self-absorbed too others. There is likely going to be some confusion or depression about professional aspirations, expectations and social or public status. Self esteem maybe low. After facing fears squarely your abilities can begin to grow stronger than they are.

Neptune and Chiron: Learning to Love


This placement will often indicate confusing circumstances regarding a partner or significant other. This confusion may result from issues of drug and alcohol abuse in the relationship, and or deception. Neptune secludes and provides an element of dissolution to everything it does. Therefore it is possible that the confusion stems from a break up that lacked closure or clarity for you. On a subconscious level it might involve the break up of parents in an early childhood home. Indicating that this separation calls for review as an adult to better understand the way you view and behave in love and relationships.

In order to see more regarding Neptune and how it has affected you I have to look at your Solar Arc Neptune. This year it Arcs into an opposition with your Natal Chiron. They oppose each other from the 6th and 12th houses. SA Neptune lets of a quincunx to natal Jupiter. We can again see Jupiter is being activated by Neptune in the Solar Arc chart as well as the solar return chart. In the solar arc chart we can see lots of information from natal Chiron being put out on the table for discussion.

Chiron is where we hurt. From that pain we are drawn to and attract people who ache the way that we ache. We hurt in the same spot for the same reasons as the people who are drawn to us, and us to them so we can learn from each other and heal each other’s pain. When there are heavy Chiron energies at play there is heavy karma. Not always of the hurting kind but usually love is painful.

Much of the time we hear of Chiron people associate wounding and healing with him. Yet they over look the fact he was a teacher as well. When we see Chiron come alive with Neptune, we are about to learn lessons that might leave us in pain as wounds are opened again. With Chiron these lessons are always through relationships.I would feel safe saying the relationship represented by Solar Arc Neptune opposing Chiron is a Male/Female Relationship. I feel like it is safe to say because your Sun/Moon midpoint is activated by Chiron as well as Moon/Mars.

The Node/AC midpoint is active with Chiron as well. This midpoint brings themes of relationships being equated or impacted with a heavy hand of fate. When your natal Chiron is active by transit or arc these types of themes likely emerge in your life. I encourage you to reflect back on your life examining the heavy transits of natal Chiron. What happened? How were you impacted and how do these issues impact you today?

You will see themes of how your male/female relationships do or don’t help you meet your needs occurring throughout the year. There is an element of double-dealing or lies with Neptune involved. We may see betrayal, deception, and more. These themes are always followed by the discomforting brightness of seeing life in black and white again. There is always so much grey though.

By the end of this contact you will likely have reviewed misunderstandings, and discontent in many of your relationships in an effort to understand where you fit in the relationship and what you get out of them. Any relationships that have been failing to serve you will need to be let go now. Some separations or endings might be betrayal based and feel forced.

With out pain love does not exist. There would be no children, no mothers, no fairy tales with out the elements of pain and struggle. Birth is painful but results in new life and unimaginable love that can’t be comprehended until you have gone through the process. You are giving birth to a new self.

Living the Dream


This combination of Chiron and Neptune can actually manifest in situations reflecting fairy tale love. Themes and energies are a lot like that video by A-Ha, “Take on Me”, where the girl falls in love with a comic book character that becomes human. They fall madly in love and the video ends. After the video is over we know he turned into a real man. After this he may not have been so magical and appealing to the girl in the video.

When all the action is over he is not the man she fell in love with, the man she fell in love with was a comic book character. He was made up. This guy is a real life man now. He is probably not so romantic and those new feelings of love eventually fade as the contact of Neptune and Chiron becomes more and more distant. We realize the man was essentially nothing more than a dream, he was an aspect of Neptune.

When this contact ends and the rose-colored glasses come off in Neptune fairy tale romances it can be really hard. We have to deal with new feelings, and we realize the man we loved isn’t the man we thought he was. What does this mean for you? will you be able to accept reality? Can you love him for who he really is? Maybe, maybe not. either answer is alright. This is your life, it is your story, and it is your Oz.

Be grateful to have experienced this kind of love anyway. Even if things don’t work out most people go through life never knowing what it is like to experience the intensity and magic of this kind of love. It usually really does only happen in stories. Fictional stories and even if they were true what the hell is happily ever after anyway? What does that term mean to you personally? What would it take for you to live happily ever after? You may experience this kind of love a few times in life. That is a blessing and some times a curse.

Neptune opposes Zosma with natal Jupiter:

Zosma is the fixed star on the back of Leo the Lion. This connection with Jupiter in a Natal chart may show where one can be deceived due to naivety. If optimism and idealism are not kept in check by realism the native with this placement may fall subject to victimization. It is important to make sure that your secrets are kept under wraps. If you don’t want your business shared with others do not talk about it. With Neptune in the first and going direct you could be at risk regarding gossip. Get ready to hear some crazy things coming out in the media as well.

Placed with Jupiter this star gives those who are touched by it big compassionate hearts. Gracing the native with an ability to help those who are weak and downtrodden find strength. This is a combination found in the natal charts of those who work tirelessly in silence to protect the weak and impoverished. They work without the desire for glory or recognition. It is my opinion that Zosma has an element of sacrifice or martyrdom to it with Neptune and Jupiter. Some kind of personal sacrifice in order to help others would be a good example of this dynamic.

So again the chart says that now is an important time to look at your relationships and ask, “What am I getting from this? Are my needs getting met? Why or why not?,” Look a head to the new times to come if your best interests aren’t served.


Uncharted territory: SA Moon 0 Sagittarius


When any Natal planet arcs in to a totally new sign it shows us that we are experiencing a new beginning. Congratulations. Now is the time to reflect on your life and emotional needs so that you can better understand yourself and your philosophy of success. All your relationships and personal idiosyncrasies are up for evaluation as you embark on a new journey or beginning. Small indiocincrasies about your self are realized and understood this year.

Do not try to bring along any behaviors, habits or relationships that no longer serve you on this journey. The stress that results can manifest in a negatively because life is about letting go. Sagittarius is about letting go in order to expand and to realize what is truly important to you. Sagittarius is about expansion but about spiritual needs as well. Often in the pursuit of success we may over look the things about life we truly value or want. Don’t over look those things, consider what those things are? All people have needs and certain things we need from others and life in general to feel fulfilled, loved and safe. The way those needs are needing to be fulfilled are changing for you as the moon moves into Sagittarius. You might find your self needing more room for freedom and room to grow as the moon journeys through Sagittarius. Opinions and values will be reshaped or redefined at this time according to your experiences.

You are entering into a time where you change dramatically and so does every aspect your life. This is a year where you will get much unfinished business done so you can move on toward a new beginning. You might spend more time traveling, learning and doing Sagittarius like things. Starting college is an example of something very Sagittarius. Good luck with that. I hope achieve your wildest dreams.


Beginnings and Endings: SA AC 0 Aries

Another sign of a new beginning, and an on rush of very strong new energy. Your SA AC has hit the Aries point. The first degree of the first sign, the epitome of new beginnings. The fool card. Walk the path to your new life carefully prepared for the unexpected. This degree is considered critical. It is ALWAYS powerful and has an element of surprise.

To have a point or planet cross this degree is significant in my own experience, almost always showing a new sudden or unexpected event or beginning. Sometimes for better some times for worse. I would expect this moment or event to occur when Uranus goes direct and travels across the point it sat on your solar return. This will occur in late January early February. Around the first week of Feb. would be a good time to suspect it to manifest in my opinion. What ever it is the degree is conjunct your second house cusp. This highlights values and possibly financial affairs. So I would imagine that the issue will require that you examine your values toward an unexpected topic that impacts you financially.

This degree is not always catastrophic, it is always kind of out of the blue, sudden and unexpected. Much like the energy of Uranus it can bring unexpected gifts. While some times these situations don’t seem like blessings later on life we realize that undoubtedly they were meant to be. Then you find yourself glad to have had them occur.

Being in your first house and affecting your seventh this is unexpected relationship energy with seventh house Libra and Aries themes. The struggle and gift of a new relationship or connection is a theme that may emerge. Your fear regarding this theme is that you will probably try to cling to your identity and individuality due to a fear of losing your self or who you are. A fear of giving your self and values away to another is natural in love. Determining where or not that fear is valid is the hard part. I hope you get that crazy sudden unexpected love at first sight experience. This is a degree that can manifest like that way for people. Especially given Neptune in your first house and Uranus being active in your chart.

Your SA AC sextiles Saturn: What ever happens no matter how out of the blue and unexpected things will be just fine. You have what it takes to handle it now maturely or responsibly, with patience and control. Your wisdom can get you through it because Saturn brings a sense of maturity and wisdom to the self or mind in this arrangement. Saturn will give you a good head for handling any problems or new situations. It will allow you to responsibly commit and bond in relationship and contractual situations.

The best advice I can share with you in handling these types of energies is to remember history repeats it’s self. To gain the answers to the issues you handle now look back at your past, the answers are all with in you right now. They are embedded in you subconsciously through early parental role modeling and influences. Once you can recognize these subconscious issues and influences you will be from the fear that holds you back.


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  1. Hi Michelle,
    I am a Scorpio with A 12 House Moon and Neptune conj. my ASC. Currently my Prog. Moon is in Pisces in my 6th house and I’m having one heck of a time finding energy to do anything, plus I’ve developed back probs. and dental stuff (which I’m told are related) and some days all I have energy for is existing. Does that make sense?? My Prog. Moon moves into Aries in Aug. of 2018. I’m getting old and feel like life is slipping away on me. I’m a musician and artisan, but have lost my confidence. Anyway, what do you charge for a reading?? Would love to hear your insights and was touched by your generosity to help find missing people. That’s more than cool. As a Scorpio/with a Virgo Moon I so often have thght. I could help solve desperate cases. Admire what you are doing. Also have Chiron on my Sun in my chart and was intrigued by your mentioning Pythia…I have no idea where it is in my chart, but I’m going to go look ! 😀
    Thanks, Michelle.
    Best regards,

    Lynn Harbaugh


    • I’m back! I checked Pythia and it’s conjunct my Desc. exactly, by transit, and Prog. Pythia is oppos. my natal Moon (3 degree orb) and conj. my Prog. Moon (4 deg orb.) Hmm..think this means something, esp. in light of fact I’ve been a medium for decades and have puzzled deeply what I should do with it.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Thanks so much Lynn, I really love reading on the missing. I like trying to figure out puzzles. I learned through just starting to do charts on people. My skill has improved over the years. I bet you would be great at doing readings on this topic! You should give it a try. I charge 150.00 for personal readings. Feel free to email your birth information to me at arnott1979@gmail.com and we can chat about things.


      • If you love asteroids too I recommend checking out straight wu it’s my favorite and she talks about every asteroid you could want to know about


    • Chiron is tough but I believe he is a powerful teacher. The 6th house is tough. My moon is progressing through aries too! I have learned to stand up for my self, and my back bone feels stronger than ever. I bet in 2018 ♈ will bring you some assertive and energetic power. I am really enjoying it.


      • Thanks so much for your reply. Yes, figuring out puzzles..that’s how I seem to apprch. songwriting and bead design. Always trying to come up with the “combo” of notes/beads that I consider beautiful. But it struck me after reading your comment that there’s something remarkably “beautiful” about finding or helping to find a missing person. Maybe part of my exchange with you when I book could be exploring possibilties for helping that utilize my “Neptunian” qualites.

        Finances are a bit sparse just now, but am thinking I may book with you in May or in the summer. Insights abt. Neptune will go a long way with me.

        I will be in touch then. Bye for now! 😀


        Liked by 1 person

      • In may or the summer I will cover all your outer and inner planets. I find Neptune’s gifts quite fascinating.


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